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Our Story

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The idea for Melt-to-Make™ Gummies came about in a very organic way. This product is the brainchild of business partners Sarah McLaughlin and Tim Van Epps. They are the cofounders of Heritage Hemp, LLC which is a fully-integrated Hemp Company located in Northampton, MA. 

Heritage™ CBD is their flagship consumer brand, and their naturally delicious gummies are among the most popular products they sell. After being approached by several licensed cannabis manufacturers and other hemp companies for advice on how to consistently make infused gummies that are as incredible as Heritage™ CBD Gummies, Tim had a brilliant idea.

He asked Sarah if it would be possible for her to create a bulk version of the base ingredients used in Heritage™ Gummies that anyone could simply melt down and infuse with their own botanical extract. At first, she wasn't sure if that was possible. However, after looking at the science and doing some experimenting, she was able to create our patent-pending Gelatin Melt-to-Make™ Gummy Base. 

Sarah then set out to create our patent-pending Pectin Melt-to-Make™ Base. She worked with our PhD food scientist and the R&D took about a year to finalize. Since that time, we have become a multi-state operation; shipping both Gelatin and Pectin Melt-to-Make™ to our excited customers.


We've done all the heavy lifting to formulate a tasty, all-natural gummy base.  Now you make the gummies!

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